Dec 12, 2018
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It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of the Law Firm of Infante, Zumpano, Hudson & Miloch, LLC. As a law firm, we must use not only the best prepared professionals to provide us with accounting and other professional services, but those that we can TRUST. Garcia & Garcia, CPAs, P.A. has earned our trust since the day we created our Firm many years ago. From day one, Garcia & Garcia provided us with sophisticated and professional advice, which allowed us to develop a business in an organized, legally compliant and tax effective manner by reducing our tax liability and maximizing our profitability at both the business and professional level. We have seen how Garcia & Garcia has been able to help us grow from a small operation to a multimillion dollar practice while, throughout the process, adjusting our tax planning to fit our Firm’s specific needs. Finally, their personalized customer service and on-hands approach to dealing with their clientele is obviously a reflection of Mr. and Mrs. Garcia and their firm’s commitment to treating their clients as family, which is something that I welcome and appreciate given the importance of being able to trust those that you hire to deal with your accounting and financial needs.

Bottom line is that I trust Garcia & Garcia, CPAs, P.A., and I will always appreciate how they guided and advised us so that we could develop our law firm to be one of the best in Florida. Thank you!!

Emil R. Infante, Esq., LLM

Managing Partner

Infante, Zumpano, Hudson & Miloch, LLC

Attorney’s at Law


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