Dec 12, 2018
Humberto P. Alonso PDF Print E-mail

I am writing this brief note to commend you for the excellent service that the Partners and Staff at Garcia and Garcia CPA. repeatedly have delivered to me personally and to the Corporations in which I have an Interest. In the anonymity that today's electronic age fosters, it is refreshing to come to a firm of your size and have access to everyone in the organizational chart from bottom to top. I would like to personally Thank You for providing me with top notch tax and estate planning advise. Your qualified staff has always been very helpful and distinguish themselves by demonstrating a can doo! attitude. Should you ever need a recommendation in the future I would be happy to talk to any new prospective clients that may be evaluating your firm to fill their accounting needs. After all, It would be the wrong decision to go elsewhere.

Sincerely Yours,

Hubert P. Alonso


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